Tips to Help You Maximize Your Giving

Generosity knows no season, but October through December are historically the months that Americans are most likely to give to their favorite charitable organizations. These months mark the traditional season of giving and receiving as well as the time that many of us begin income tax planning.

Following are some tips to help you maximize your giving before the year ends.

Gather your receipts. Documentation of your giving is important to have if you plan to itemize on your taxes. Before the year comes to a close, make sure you have records of all your giving for the year. Missing something? Contact the organization to request a new copy or for assistance.

Find the best gift for you. Once you’ve reviewed what you’ve already given this year, you may be ready to make some final gifts and gift commitments for 2019. Be sure to contact your attorney or financial advisor for help finding the giving option that will help you reach your giving and financial goals.

Be aware of due dates. To make sure your gifts qualify for 2019, you’ll need to ensure they are received before their due date. Contact Kwi Brennan for popular gift dates or to learn what it will take to make your gift to the NJCU Foundation count this year.

Make the Most of Your Giving

Contact Kwi Brennan at or 201-200-3489 if you have any questions about ways you can make a gift before the year ends. Thank you for all you do for the New Jersey City University Foundation!

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